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Enablement Service for SAP Analytics Cloud

Prepare yourself for a successful deployment

SAP Analytics Cloud improves data visualization and drives fast decision-making.
This enablement service helps you to prepare for a successful introduction of SAP Analytics Cloud in your organization with knowledge transfer and expert guidance

USD 16,380.00

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Involve Your Team

This service helps you and your team prepare for a successful deployment of SAP Analytics Cloud. We will advise you on key product capabilities, implementation topics, and best practices. Further, discussions from the workshop may shorten the deployment planning timeline and help your organization to quickly achieve data-to-value.

Image of a group of people in a discussion Image of a group of people in a discussion

Gain Adoption Confidence

Our experienced consultants provide a solid foundation for your deployment planning process. Learn how to leverage the core components of SAP Analytics Cloud to your business needs, benefit from valuable best practice experiences and ensure successful SAP Analytics Cloud adoption.

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Boost Your Adoption Project

Workshops will boost your deployment planning and preparation. Our expert brings broad experience and know-how in peer-to-peer discussions. Understand SAP Analytics Cloud’s big picture, anticipate and mitigate potential project showstoppers, as well as learn to keep up with product development and training with SAP education tools and services.

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Enablement Service for SAP Analytics Cloud  

Prepare yourself for a successful deployment

Service Scope




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Enablement Service for SAP Analytics Cloud

The service provides the following scope:

One (1) day remote preparation, including Workshop expectation alignment and onboarding

Three (3) days remote enablement workshop including:

Overview and architecture of SAP Analytics Cloud


Data consumption scenarios for SAP Analytics Cloud

Design practices for modelling and visualization

Customizable dashboards:  Analytics Designer use cases

Planning scenarios in SAP Analytics Cloud

Using Augmented Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud

Lifecycle management best practices

Security and authorization recommendations

One (1) day for hosting a remote Q&A session on topics covered in the workshop
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- Access to latest generally available version of SAP Analytics Cloud in a training or sandbox environment
- Upfront preparation by the Customer to effectively explore business use cases and pain points
- Availability of key resources from business, IT and Project Management Office

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