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SAP Ariba Catalog

Define, validate, and enrich catalog content with enterprise-grade content management tools and give employees a simple way to get what they need.

SAP Ariba Catalog solution combines consumer-like shopping with a sophisticated procurement process. With innovations in guided buying and semantic search, it displays relevant and current content to make it easy for employees to purchase from your preferred suppliers. Meanwhile, you can monitor content quality with new dashboard reports.

Key Features

Benefits and Features

• User-friendly catalog and shopping-cart functionality so employees can quickly buy what they need to do their jobs.
• Cross-catalog search functionality among local catalogs, inventoried items, a spot buy marketplace, and punchout catalogs.
• Advanced content management tools to help purchasing agents efficiently validate and sort the best of what your suppliers have to offer.
• A streamlined content and catalog creation process with an enhanced, simple user interface to facilitate the uploading of catalog content by suppliers.
• Enterprise-grade content management tools to help suppliers define, validate, and enrich catalog content.


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SAP Ariba Catalog

SAP Ariba Catalog

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